Countertransference in Treating Shame and Codependency

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Our own codependency and shame can arise in the therapeutic relationship. Therapists unaware of how their codependency and shame affect their countertransference may not only experience anxiety and burnout, but also may stagnate the therapy and even harm those in treatment.

This one-hour webinar course on countertransference in treating codependency and shame covers symptoms of codependency, signs of shame, and how codependency and shame arise in the transference and countertransference affect both you and the client. Learn about shame defenses, the different types of countertransference, and how to utilize them therapeutically. The presentation will address collusion and enmeshment with a client, and countertransference issues involving fear of abandonment and intimacy, denial, control, guilt, and caretaking. It also covers how to handle feelings of inadequacy, mistakes, establishing boundaries, and boundary violations by both you and the client. You will gain specific strategies to avoid these pitfalls and intervene therapeutically to maintain boundaries and implement practice policies.



  1. Dr Moreen Rubin

    “Countertransference in Treating Shame and Codependency,” is an absolute game-changer. Her genius in the field shines through as she skillfully breaks down complex concepts with remarkable clarity. Through her insightful analysis, I gained a deeper understanding of the dynamics surrounding shame and codependency in therapy.

    Lancer’s ability to make theoretical knowledge relatable and practical is truly impressive. Her real-world examples and strategies allowed me to apply the material to my own therapeutic practice. Her compassionate tone and genuine concern created a safe space for self-reflection and growth.

    “Countertransference in Treating Shame and Codependency” is an invaluable resource for any mental health professional. It has deepened my understanding of countertransference dynamics and equipped me with effective tools for treating shame and codependency.

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