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Familiar Safety

A neighbor’s cat liked to dally
Along the far side of the alley
Unaware, I sped in his direction,
And, though safely out of harm,
He turned, alarmed, and for protection,
Scrammed for his garage full-bore.
Shocked I slammed my brakes to the floor.

Kitty’s refuge lay beyond his ken.
I thought how like the cat is man.
Although it risks our jeopardy,
When peril threatens, we rush home,
Seeking shelter in our patterns known.

© Darlene Lancer 2007

The Monarch

On a windowsill a Monarch prays,
Stoic and still.
Motionless, near death it seems.
As cold winds beat its fragile wings.
I coax its hairy limbs to climb upon my waiting finger.
It discovers trust greater than its fright.
Eons vanish as life greets life.

What alien hand will reach through time
To spare me from the cold dark night?
And will I know that help is mine,
or sit, half-frozen, waiting for the light?

© Darlene Lancer 2003, 2018

The Caterpillar

Hello, furry creature,
Wriggling through blades of grass.
I reach to hold you in my hand,
But quick you curl and close,
Then, wait and wait before you crawl again.
No word, nor touch can speed your trust,
But by and by, once more you try.
Through dirt and leaves you make your way,
Until one day you coil and die,
Not knowing if, nor how, nor when,
You wake, reborn a butterfly.

© Darlene Lancer 2003, 2017

The 4th of July

I went fishing and drew a snake
up from the depths.
It wriggled on the ground,
The hook popped from its mouth.
It whipped around.
Afraid, I grabbed its neck
and called for help. No one came.
I squeezed with all my strength,
As poison sprayed from its fangs.
The snake’s strong back turned limp and lifeless in my hand,
and I felt power.

© Darlene Lancer 2014

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