How to Raise Your Self-Esteem

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Self-esteem is key to success in work, and enjoyment of life and relationships. It affects our thoughts, feelings, and behavior, and how we handle life’s challenges. Low self-esteem underlies addiction, anxiety, depression, abuse, intimacy problems, and codependency. Our self-esteem is usually determined by our teens, but there are specific things we can do to raise it.

This webinar provides both in depth and practical approach to self-esteem. What you will get:

  1. Understand Self-Esteem. Gain an understanding of self-esteem and be able to contrast high and impaired self-esteem to evaluate your own.
  2. Uncover its Origins. Discover the roots of your self-esteem and why it may be impaired.
  3. Recognize the Symptoms. Be able to spot clues that your self-esteem needs uplifting. Many people think they have good self-esteem. They may be talented, beautiful, or successful, but still lack self-esteem.
  4. Root Out False Beliefs. Learn how to identify beliefs and behaviors you want to change and those you want to implement.
  5. Identify Cognitive Distortions. Spot the ways your mind sabotages your self-esteem. We can easily get stuck in a negative feedback loop that undermines our self-worth. Replace them with positive feedback loops.
  6. Improved Relationships. Feel worth of love and respect and no longer be willing to accept abuse and non-reciprocal relationships. watch all of your relationships improve.
  7. Self-Acceptance. Stop blaming and judging yourself.
  8. Elevated Mood. Watch your mood change from dull or depressed to positive an hopeful. Many people feel their life lacks purpose, but when their self-esteem is high, they’re enjoying their life and not pondering their purpose.
  9. Empowerment. Feel strong, proud, and empowered to take risks and accomplish your goals.
  10. Actionable Steps. Follow 12 crucial, specific steps to build self-esteem and self-love. Practice many actionable tips and exercises you can immediately put into practice.

See also the ebook on overcoming self-criticism, 10 Steps to Self-Esteem: The Ultimate Guide to Stop Self-Criticism, which is an important factor in raising self-esteem.

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  1. Elisabeth

    Great video…..Wow there’d be no time for others after doing all that??

  2. Charles Montgomery

    It is very helpful to people with a stern issues like my self and men and women emotionally and verbally abused by there significant other.

  3. A Deeper Look

    Simply brilliant!
    “This is an extremely powerful and beneficial presentation on self-esteem. Simply brilliant!”

  4. Ruth Elliott-Hilsdon


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