Soul Alignment Meditation

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Recovery from codependency is also a process of soul alignment. In recovery, you recover your “Lost Self,” a Self who wants to escape past conditioning and unhealthy dependence on other people.

Your soul is calling for change. It yearns to fully express itself and live authentically, not from fear. This is a process of individuation, becoming an “I” that is separate and not codependent on others. In learning to honor, express, and love your true Self, gradually your beliefs, words, thoughts, and actions become congruent, and you come into alignment with your soul. Your life changes, and you feel the passion and freedom to fulfill your dreams.

This 30-minute meditation set to stirring music leads you in this process. It’s a guided visualization that begins with your breath and progressive relaxation. You are shown how to open your heart, acknowledge and love yourself, and become one with divine energy. You will be inspired to live a soul-centered life and encouraged to uncover and change what stands in your way. Repeated listening sessions are recommended, followed by journaling about feelings that arise and questions that are posed in the meditation. To deepen self-love and compassion, listen to the Self-Love Meditation.


  1. Janée M

    Soothing and gently guided. About halfway in, I started to see a violet point of light (in my mind’s eye). It looked like a distant star. I had to roll my eyes up to focus on it. After I did, it seemed to pour a soft purple light onto me from above…or perhaps it was reaching down to me…it moved to where I could see it in front of me. I tried to focus on it and it almost appeared to be a spinning tunnel, but I couldn’t tell for sure. It was a lovely experience and I awoke relaxed.

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