Self-Love Meditation

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A major goal of recovery from addiction and codependency is changing how we think about ourselves, how we talk to ourselves, and how we feel toward ourselves, and how we treat ourselves. Developing self-love and self-compassion not only increase our self-worth, but also calms us in times of stress and soothes us when we feel overwhelmed, anxious, afraid, guilty, lonely, sad, angry, and hurt. Yet, cultivating compassion and self-love can be baffling and challenging when we haven’t had a nurturing parent or role model, especially if we’re hard on ourselves due to toxic shame.

Practicing this audio meditation can help you manage difficult emotions and develop an attitude of tenderness, acceptance, and self-love and compassion toward yourself. It’s also recommended to do the exercises in the webinar How to Raise Your Self-Esteem and e-book 10 Steps to Self-Esteem: The Ultimate Guide to Stop Self-Criticism.


  1. Lisa

    This meditation is very powerful. I have been listening to it in the morning and at night. Love it!

  2. Kevin

    I have loved listening to this at night to help me feel peaceful and settle my mind so that I can sleep.

  3. William

    This self-love meditation helped me to open up and see myself in a whole new and healthier light. Very grateful to have it. Thank you so much, Darlene!!

  4. lucja

    Tender, loving, serene, transformative…..coming home with myself…. Very inspired by your deeply intuitive work.

  5. Janine

    I really like this meditation – I haven’t done one like this before, and I think it has been very healing for me. It’s helping me to experience some feelings that I’ve been pushing down.

  6. Andy

    As ever, some great work. Very touching. Thank you Darlene …

  7. carlana

    Great meditation, so loving, peaceful and releasing ❤️❤️❤️ Very helpful, I love it?

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