The Narcissist Quit Kit

$ 21.95

Whether you’re dating or have a committed relationship with a narcissist or have a relationship with a  narcissistic relative, dealing with a narcissist requires a deep understanding of the personality disorder and coping skills. This Kit includes 3 essential e-workbooks, an audio, plus 4 bonus files to deepen your understanding of a narcissist’s personality, motivations, and defenses. You’ll learn to effectively confront abuse and manipulation and improve your self-esteem, communication, and self-love. You will take back your power, enhance your well-being, and prepare you to leave if you choose. The Kit includes:


Dealing with a Narcissist: 8 Steps to Raise Self-Esteem and Set Boundaries with Difficult People

Valued at $6.95

How to Speak Your Mind: Become Assertive and Set Limits

Valued at $5.95

10 Steps to Self-Esteem: The Ultimate Guide to Stop Self-Criticism

Valued at $5.95

Audio MP3

Self-Love Meditation

Valued at $5.95

Plus 4 bonus PDF’s:

  1. Checklist of 42 Narcissistic Behaviors
  2. 14 Strategies for to Handle Manipulators
  3. 18 Self-Love Tips
  4. 46 links to articles and blogs about narcissism, abuse, and relationships with narcissists.



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